GRANITE MAN by Sirpa Kähkönen shortlisted for Nordic Council Literature Prize

“A moving and deeply human literary weave that brings to the surface the individual destinies of the historically marginalised, and breathes life into a town that has completely disappeared.”
Nordic Council Literature Prize Jury

The rights for Sirpa Kähkönen’s novel GRANITE MAN, a nominee for Nordic Council Literature Prize 2016, have been sold to France (Denoël) and Denmark (Gyldendal).

Denoël acquired the French rights after the nomination last week, and the Danish rights have been sold to Gyldendal. The Danish edition will come out in autumn 2016 and the French in September 2017.

GRANITE MAN was also nominated for Finlandia Prize in 2014.

About the novel with the words of the Nordic Council Jury:

“Petrograd, 1922 – Full of optimism, Klara and Ilya leave everything behind, even their Finnish names, and ski six hundred kilometres to the gates of utopia… Yet it was no worker’s paradise that awaited them on the other side of the border. Instead, it was a bitter battle for survival in conditions of poverty and misery, and with even more people dying as enemies of the people under Stalin’s persecutions. Their dreams shattered, the red idealists ultimately were left again without a homeland.”

“…What a circle it was, that circle of friends in Petrograd! The opportunistic Tom, Shura the young circus star, elegant Jelena, Henry the businessman, the gifted Galkin, and Ilja’s younger brother Lavr – who looks reality in the eye and return to Finland. And last but not least are the Bringers of Joy, the countless orphans, and the desolate street children. Klara takes in two of them, Genja and Dunja, as if they were her own. Kähkönen uses this circle of friends to add a human perspective to the cogs of the communist machine, while also demonstrating how easy it is to shut one’s eyes and how time consuming and painful it is to open them again.”