Award nomination: KESӒN JӒLKEEN KAIKKI ON TOISIN (It All Changes After This Summer) by Siri Kolu shortlisted for Finlandia children’s and youth prize

OGA is delighted to announce that Siri Kolu has been shortlisted for The Finlandia Prize for Children’s and Youth Literature with her novel Kesӓn jӓlkeen kaikki on toisin (It All Changes After This Summer).  The winner will be announced on 24th November.

“I’m not your daughter, and if I can’t be your son, I don’t want to be your child anymore”

Kolu’s young adult novel tells the moving story of Peetu and his summer of limbo while waiting for his corrective surgery in September when he turns 18. Peetu’s family struggles with coming to terms with his decision and Peetu’s girlfriend Dawn has her own questions about how the operation will affect their relationship. To air his thoughts, Peetu goes flying in a glider with his father.

The jury commented Kolu’s novel as follows:

“In Siri Kolu’s It All Changes After the Summer the loaded language has a very special power. The phrasing and structure of the novel are polished, and the story of a young person facing major life-choices is a gentle and touching portrayal of growing into adulthood and being oneself. The author’s subtle and delicate grip of a challenging subject guides the reader carefully and respectfully towards their own conclusions. The powerful narrative carries the story and allows it to soar.”

Siri Kolu (b. 1972) is one of the most successful Finnish authors for children and young adults.

The rights for Kolu’s popular Me and The Robbersons -series have been sold in 17 languages, and the first title in the series Me and the Robbersons won the Finlandia Junior Prize in 2001.