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Terhi Rannela

All Night Long
(Läpi Yön)

From a suicide attempt to the publication of her first novel, on her journey to become a writer this A-student plunges from euphoria to the bottom muds Fifteen-year-old Maria’s greatest dream of all is to become a writer. Without writing she could not stay alive. Her pen is the breathing machine she hooks herself up …Read more

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Helena Waris

The Mountain

With a furious pace and thrilling tale, this storytelling virtuoso combines Viking legends of gods with the present day How many of them are there, actually? Should I count myself, too? How many of us are there? In the centre of Ashtown looms a mountain whose cloud-shrouded peak no one has ever seen. Lif, who …Read more

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Books published in 2013

Marja Björk


”I knew I was different, and I knew that such a thing as transgenderedness existed, I had seen it in the papers and on

TV. But I hadn’t realised that it meant me. To me I was a man. A boy.”

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