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The career and story of the ice hockey legend has been collected into a single volume, crowned by the success at the Sochi Olympics.

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Books published in 2013

Viivi’s Kitchen
(Viivin keittiössä)

Viivi, familiar from the children’s cooking contest, enjoys being in the kitchen and inspires us all to cook with our friends and families. Mozzarella-strawberry salad, spaghetti carbonara, caramel cheesecake! Unfettered by preconceptions, the junior chef creates delicious concoctions for everyday and for special occasions. Setting the table and spending time together are also part of …Read more

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Books published in 2012

Björn Wahlroos

Markets and Democracy: Exiting the Tyranny of the Majority
(Markkinat ja demokratia. Loppu enemmistön tyrannialle)

In the wake of the Great Financial Panic of 2008 and the subsequent Euro debt crisis, the role of global financial markets came under renewed and mostly adversarial scrutiny. Should markets really rule such a large portion of our lives? And when it comes to a showdown, when markets lose their faith in debt-laden governments or badly managed companies, should they always have the final say? My own take on the matter, says Björn Wahlroos, is that the global market economy, far from collapsing or even much misbehaving during the crises, did in fact perform rather well and proved its tenacity and versatility.

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Books published in 2011

Imbi Paju

Sisters Across The Gulf Of Finland. Watching The Pain Of Others
(Suomenlahden sisaret. Kun katsoo toisen tuskaa)

In June 1940, after the Winter War has ended, little Lottas Laila and Annikki are in Estonia on a goodwill visit, when suddenly they must return home quickly. The Soviet Union has occupied Estonia. Soon the transportation of Estonians begins; one of the targets is the Lottas of Estonia, members of the Naiskodukaitse (Women’s voluntary defence organisation) who invited Laila and Annikki to visit. In Finland, the Lotta Svärd organisation is banned as fascist.

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