09 / 2016
167 x 220 mm
4-colour illustrations
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Maikki Harjanne

Vanttu the Detective
(Vanttu salapoliisina)

Where on earth are things disappearing to? Vanttu becomes a detective looking for lost things

Looking for things that have gone missing is busy detective work. Socks, mittens, all sorts of things go astray. When Vanttu begins to track his missing belongings, he also gets to know many objects he’d never come across before. Playing detective also leads to learning new words and conceptualising amounts without even noticing. Vanttu has been captivating readers with fantastic picture books since the 1980s.

In her eighth Vanttu book, Maikki Harjanne depicts everyday miracles and the joy of playing wonderfully insightfully.