10 / 2012
230 x 290 mm
4-colour illustrations
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Mauri Kunnas

Treasure Island


Shiver me timbers, it’s time to dig for treasure! Now this is a book worth waiting for: good old Treasure Island spiced up with Kunnas’s charming animal characters and canny humour.

A strange sailor shows up at the inn run by little Jim and his mother. And what do you know – the sailor has a real-life treasure map stashed away in his belongings! When the sailor dies, Jim gets the map and sets sail on the schooner Hispaniola for the treasure island. But not everything is as it seems: the ship’s cook, Long John Silver, is a pirate of the worst sort and will stop at nothing to take Captain Flint’s treasure for himself.

After the Hispaniola lands at Treasure Island, a fierce struggle begins to see who will be the first to get the gold. Luckily, Long John Silver has met his match in clever, resourceful little Jim!


Foreign rights information

Published in:

  • Denmark (Lamberth, 2013)
  • Italy (Il gioco di leggere Edizioni, 2013)
  • Estonia (Ajakirjade Kirjastus, 2013)