130 x 210 mm
General Fiction
Published by:
Juha Itkonen



A story of a fragmented family and of two generations attempting to find a way to get back together

Tapani Ansas has carved out a path from humble beginnings to the top of the social pile, and is now a successful cabinet minister. His marriage has not lasted the pace or the distance, his children have become estranged from their father, and scandal hovers at his heels, but he has not lost his lust for life.

Tapani’s son Jussi is a thirty-something investment banker, a good husband and father, who has no wish to repeat the same mistakes in life he witnessed in his own father. And then there is the younger daughter Julia, a stranger in the hard worlds of her father and brother. A year ago Julia vanished, leaving behind her entire former life.

A glimpse of a face on a television news report leads father and son to Thailand, where Julia is apparently living in an alternative commune and serving as a volunteer aid worker. When the three family members are finally reunited, the encounter brings lifelong tensions to the surface.

Towards is a novel of our time and its creatures, who in an ever shrinking world have been projected farther and farther from one another. What precisely happened to drive them apart, and is there any way back? If not to a life together, at least towards some understanding that there is no single all-embracing doctrine that can explain our place in the world?



  • Shortlisted for Finlandia Fiction Prize
  • Secondary school students’ Nuori Aleksis prize 2008


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An excerpt in English is available.