03 / 2017
128 x 185 mm
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Noora Kunnas – Jenna Kunnas

The Wacky Bunch and the Mystery in the Guesthouse
(Kaheli sakki ja mysteeri majatalossa)

There is bungling, bloopers and goose bumps all round in the third instalment of this illustrated fiction series by the talented sister duo

A wacky, motley crew live at Tailwind Guesthouse: poetic Hugo, flatulent granny Bertta, Major Kuugenbum, piglet twins, Bean and Flea, and even more characters who get up to all kinds of crazy behaviour, guaranteed to leave even the most eccentric scratching their heads. In the third title of this series, the inhabitants of the guesthouse are hit by a crime wave: first Pipana disappears, then some kitchenware, but when a snoring body is found outside the house, it all gets too exciting…

With plenty of laughs – and full of wind for fans of Captain Underpants – this charming middle-grade reader by the talented daughters of Mauri Kunnas is full of adventure, wacky humour and fun characters, with stylish art and energetic storytelling.

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