01 / 2006
230 x 290 mm
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Published by:
Mauri Kunnas

The Vikings Are Coming!
(Viikingit tulevat!)


More fun-filled Kunnas stories for the entire family, this time about those legendary Viking seafarers and their flaxen-haired maidens

Viking warrior Gunnar Goatfiord is not shy of boasting of his exploits to the pretty Helga, daughter of Torkel the Wise. But it takes a little magic to win Helga’s heart. Berserk Erik lives quietly with his mother on the shores of Snout Fiord. But Erik is a genuine berserk warrior, stronger than a hundred men when the fury is in him. And it doesn’t do to make a berserk lose his temper… Arnor Lawspeaker and his daughter Catla have a tricky case at the winter assizes – two feuding brothers to whom the traditional Viking ways of justice mean nothing. Fortunately Catla the Clever saves the day with a plan worthy of her name. But the biggest stir of all is caused by Buttercup. The Vikings decide to take the brown cow with them on a voyage of exploration to the New World, which the northern sailors discovered long before Columbus was even born – but it turns out not to be such a good idea after all.

In his inimitable style, the brilliant author-illustrator Mauri Kunnas serves up eight short Viking tales in the spirit of the old Norse sagas. The adventures are supported by historical information about the Viking way of life, their ships and homes, and their beliefs, and they are given the usual rich icing of Kunnas madcap humour and captivating visual details. Just as in his earlier explorations of pirates and the Wild West, Mauri Kunnas takes a historical subject that we all think we know and coaxes out intriguing new facts and fun in equal measure.


Press quotes

You couldn’t really create a children’s picture book better than this.– Satakunnan kansa on the book The Vikigns Are Coming!


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Published in

  • Chinese (Beijing Yuanliu Classic Culture, 2010)
  • Danish (Carlsen, 2007)
  • Dutch (Ploegsma, 2008)
  • Faroese (Bókadeildin, 2007)
  • German (Oetinger, 2008)
  • Icelandic (Edda/ Forlagid, 2007)
  • Italian (Il gioco di leggere Edizioni, 2011)
  • Latvian (Jumava, 2007)
  • Lithuanian (Versus aureus, 2007)
  • Russian (Publishing House Meshcheryakov, 2008)
  • Serbian (Kreativni Centar, 2008)

Rights sold to Russia (Rech Publishers)

Translated and published in English (2006) and Swedish (2006) by Otava.