09 / 2016
140 x 202 mm
Children's books & YA
Children's Fiction 9-12
Published by:
Tiina Tanskanen

The Troubled Stallion – Horse Lover Iitu
(Kovan onnen ori. Hevostyttö Iitu)

For the Love of Animals and Life at the Stables

Iitu and her friends start caring for an older stallion who is not being looked after properly

Talisman and Elmo are found running free in the stable yard, accompanied by a strange, beautiful Lusitano. The horse has run away from a nearby farm. Iitu and her friends get to know the owner Alma, an elderly lady. As Alma is no longer able to look after her stallion Luar properly, the girls begin to look after him.

Talisman begins acting strangely. He’s not ill, is he? And as if Talisman wasn’t weighing on Iitu’s mind enough, Alma is suddenly taken to hospital, and elderly Luar runs the risk of being put down. How on earth can he be saved? Iitu gets a brilliant idea…

The previous novels in the Horse Lover Iitu series are Tempestous Talisman (rights sold to Denmark), The Fantastic Stable Boy and The Legendary Summer Camp and Offbeat Obstacles.