09 / 2016
140 x 202 mm
Historical Fiction
Published by:
Sirpa Kähkönen

The Summer of The Tanks
(Tankkien kesä)

A few turbulent weeks of 1968. A small Finnish town shaken by lies and abandonment, but also by the return of impetuous hope.

In August 1968 architect Juho Tiihonen goes back to his hometown Kuopio, which is undergoing numerous changes. Prefabricated blocks are being built, the old districts of wooden houses are being destroyed. With them go the memories of the people who lived there – memories which political revivalist Stella Mertanen saves on her tape recorder.

What happened during the spring of 1945? Juho realizes that he has been lied to for years. Where did his childhood friend disappear?

When the world wavers, it is children who suffer the most.


2016 shortlisted for Finlandia Fiction Prize

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An excerpt in English will be available