09 / 2012
Approx. 300
128 x 237 mm
Children's books & YA
Children's Fiction 12-15
Young adult
Published by:
Mila Teräs

The Shadow Of The Butterfly
(Perhosen varjo)


Linnea decides to spend her summer vacation at her grandmother’s. But what happens when a mysterious mark appears on her back?

After seeing a strange butterfly in her dreams, Linnea decides to spend summer vacation at her grandmother’s place in the country, at Puck’s Corner. At the same time, she’ll be able to conveniently get away from her mom’s new boyfriend, Gross Gary.

Linnea’s fourteenth birthday is coming up, and to her, her changing, maturing body feels both weird and disgusting. She wishes she were delicate and fragile, like a fairy or a butterfly. At Puck’s Corner, Grandma spots the family mark on Linnea’s shoulder blade: a mole that looks like a wing or a flame. Grandma calls it the “sign of the one who decides destinies.” This is where Linnea’s internal struggle begins. She delves deeply into her family’s unusual history, and in the end she must make a very difficult choice.