01 / 2003
230 x 290 mm
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Published by:
Mauri Kunnas

The Seven Dog Brothers
(Seitsemän koiraveljestä)


A canine interpretation of Aleksis Kivi’s novel “Seven Brothers”

The Seven Dog Brothers, the latest offering from the hugely popular author-illustrator Mauri Kunnas, is his own canine adaptation of the classic novel by Aleksis Kivi, Finland’s

national author. Kunnas has already explored the national epic in similar vein (in The Canine Kalevala, 1992),

and Seven Brothers has always been among his favourite works.

The memorable characters and rugged landscapes of the original are all present in Kunnas’s book, which

follows the path of the seven pup brothers into adulthood. Should they live free in the wild or learn the ways of men and civilisation – Mauri Kunnas portrays the hounds’ struggle

in the crossfire of this question deliciously and with his usual wacky humour. One of the key sequences carried over from Kivi’s novel is when the brothers haltingly learn to read, always a part of the story that appeals particularly to younger readers.

The book serves as a first-rate introduction to readers as yet unfamiliar with Kivi’s great novel, and will also bring delight to those who know the plot of the original.

Mauri Kunnas’s books have been translated into more than 25 languages.


Foreign rights information

The Finnish original was published in 2002.

Published by Otava and available in:

  • Finnish (2002)
  • English (2003)
  • Swedish (2003)

Rights sold to Ukranian by Tempora (Ecem Media).