08 / 2016
140 x 202 mm
Crime and Thrillers
Published by:
Taavi Soininvaara

The Russian Guest
(Venäläinen vieras)

Russia is an unpredictable neighbour.

In this snappy thriller, current threats become reality.

In 1944, Soviet war prisoner Dima gets shot in the back in a prison camp in western Finland. He resolves never to forget what he has been put through in the hands of the Finns.

Present time. The Prime Minister of Finland is killed when his vehicle is hit by a truck near Helsinki. The investigation confirms that what appeared to be an accident was actually a murder, and many leads point towards Russia.

As the political extortion peaks, one authoritarian figure carries the weight of the past on his shoulders.

When things get shaken at the core of the Finnish political scene in this densely atmospheric thriller, the situation is about to take a turn for the worst.

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