06 / 2012
128 x 190 mm
Illustrated by:
Tuuli Juusela
B&W illustrations
Children's books & YA
Children's Fiction 9-12
Published by:
Siri Kolu

The Robbersons and the Robbers’ Handbook
(Me Rosvolat ja Iso-Hemmin arkku)


Where’s the Robber’s Handbook hidden, the one every robber family is searching for? Once again, Maisie shows what she’s made of.

Maisie finds a promising clue as to the possible location of the long-lost Robber’s Handbook. Along with Helly, Charlie, Wild Carl, and Kate, she visits every second-hand bookshop along the coast looking for further clues. But among robbers, a secret mission never stays secret for long: before you can say “Big Hal” the other robber families are hot on the heels of Maisie and her crew.

Soon Maisie’s own family has been dragged into the race, too, when one of the young Hurmalos charms his way into Maisie’s sister’s Primrose’s heart. Meanwhile, everyone’s convinced that Maisie’s the one who knows where the Robber’s Handbook is hidden… So all she has to do now is find it, and find it fast! And as it turns out, the shared history of robber families contains secrets that throw even Maisie for a loop…


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Published in

  • Dutch (The Netherlands, Gottmer)
  • Estonia (Ajakirjade Kirjastus)
  • France (Didier jeunesse)
  • German (Heyne)