07 / 2013
128 x 190 mm
Illustrated by:
Tuuli Juusela
Children's books & YA
Children's Fiction 9-12
Published by:
Siri Kolu

The Robbersons and the Noble Hunt
(Me Rosvolat ja vaakunaväijy)


Maisie’s action-packed adventures with the Robbersons continue!

Knowledge of a new robber family throws the world of roadside robbers into turmoil The lives of Maisie Vainisto and her family change in an instant, when it turns out that they are descendants of the robber-lord Elmer Twigg. Maisie no longer has to keep her contact with the Robbersons a secret, her sister Primrose begins training to become an ultra-fashionable and frightening super-robber, and their father has an identity crisis.

Maisie and the Robbersons pay visits to all the other robber families to figure out the coat-of-arms syllable of each family. They believe that the combinations of letters contain the clues they need to lead them to Robber’s Handbook, hidden by Elmer Twigg. Many unexpected and awkward situations arise during the visits, and Maisie learns new lessons about robbers, the robber life, and above all, the skill of negotiation.

Press quotes

In true Scandinavian spirit, Maisie becomes a modern-day Ronia the Robbers’ Daughter. Me and the Robbersons is a brilliant, topsy-turvy, humorous book full of surprising twists and turns and sparkling with imagination. Every page is a joy to read. – Jury Report, Silver Slate Pencil

Published in

  • Estonia (Ajakirjade Kirjastus)