08 / 2015
140 x 202 mm
Crime and Thrillers
Published by:
Taavi Soininvaara

The Hawk and The Dove
(Haukka ja kyyhky)

What happens when European-born ISIS fighters return to their homeland?

This fast-paced thriller dissects a timely subject.

Helsinki resident Kari “Qacim” Roiha returns from Syria with a box full of messages written by a dying American. He does not mention it during his interrogation by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service, but instead gives them to journalist Essi Kokko. He also arranges a meeting with a well-known drug lord.

Arto Ratamo, head of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service, notices that the highest ranked officers of the precinct seem to be turning a blind eye to the affairs of an international drug cartel. But Ratamo also has other concerns: looking for additional information about his late father, he ends up tracking a woman who might very well be his sister.

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“Soininvaara writes intelligent, intricate crime stories about current themes.” – Warkauden Lehti, Finland

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