01 / 1996
210 x 255 mm
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Published by:
Mauri Kunnas

The Haunted Clock Of The Jolly Grumbler Inn
(Majatalon väki ja kaappikellon kummitukset)


Who would believe in nonsense like ghosts…

Just outside the village of Oddly, there stands the inn known as The Jolly Bogeyman. All is quiet for the owners and guests. It’s very peaceful in fact, since the house’s cuckoo-clock has flown south in search of warmer weather.

Nobody was quite prepared for what happened after the innkeeper’s wife decided to replace the cuckoo-clock with an antique grandfather clock bought at an auction. The first shock was to discover it had dried porridge gumming up the chiming mechanism. That soon got fixed, but the very next morning, Captain Halibut’s breakfast spoon went missing, only to be found in the clock-case. And the next day, someone had used the innkeeper’s belt to stop the clock’s hands from moving…

Something very odd indeed is going on, but the last thing anybody expects to find is a dozen little ghosts in the clock – certainly not the two sisters who are staying at the inn: they don’t believe in nonsense like ghosts!


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Published in:

  • Danish (Carlsen, 1997)
  • Japanese (Kaisei-Sha, 1997)