08 / 2015
140 x 202 mm
Crime and Thrillers
Published by:
Kai Erik

The Evil Book
(Onda boken)

If you read this book, you will end up in hell.

Evil forces take over a university campus when a literature student stumbles across a calamitous manuscript from the 1920s In the middle of a standard lecture, university teacher Mickel Backman gets a real chill: he is confronted by one of his students about a book that should never be spoken of out loud. A book that is also tangled with his own darkest secrets and an illicit romance.

How could Pasi Maars, a listless student, ever have heard of Leander Granlund? A deeply disturbed young poet from the 1920s who wrote only one collection of poetry which was never published. Instead of poetry, Granlund became famous for poisoning a newly-wed couple and a dozen of their guests at a high society wedding.

Pasi Maars is convinced that Professor Backman knows much more about Granlund and the manuscript than he will admit. And Pasi will not let go. For poems that went missing decades ago cannot possibly do anyone any harm – or can they?

The enigmatic manuscript from the past conceals powers that bring out the worst in human beings: envy, destructive pride, as well as a crushing sense of the meaninglessness of life.


Press Quotes:

I’d say: Stop the presses! We’re going with a new front page…. For those starving for literature, The Evil Book serves up a sublimely scrumptious dish of traditional mystery spiced with a relaxed, youthful sensibility. Kai Erik’s key is a rollicking major, absolutely, even when slogging through the quagmires of cultural schizophrenia… Kai Erik is here to stay. I intend on reading everything he writes, purely for my own pleasure. – Helsingin Sanomat

Kai Erik moves with impressive ease between a comedy and a dark thriller… Kai Erik comments on our time as he weaves his tale of a violent end in verse. –

In The Evil Book, Kai Erik displays his talent for creating and sustaining suspense…suspense built by the glimpses into the central characters’ emotional and existential states. – Åbo Underrättelser

Here we have suspense, casual observations of quotidian details, sharp dialogue, love, pain and sex. Not to mention an element of mystery, something subtle and beyond the reach of reason… Kai Erik’s descriptions of friendship between young men pierce my heart with their earnestness and their measure of tedious (really tedious) guy-humor, which makes me laugh at some of the exchanges even when the mood is at its most tender and raw.  And he knows love, not least the unrequited kind. – Hufvudstadsbladet


Foreign rights information

An excerpt and synopsis in English are available.


Published in:

  • The Netherlands (Ambo/Anthos)
  • Spain (Plaza y Janés / Penguin Random House)


Rights sold to:

  • Denmark (Art People / People’s Press)
  • Germany (Bastei Lübbe)
  • Italy (Sperling & Kupfer / Mondadori)
  • Turkey (ÜÇBİRİKİ Publishing)
  • World Spanish (Plaza y Janés / Penguin Random House)