08 / 2015
140 x 202 mm
General Fiction
Published by:
Pasi Pekkola

The Colours of a Dragon
(Lohikäärmeen värit)

“As a child, I learned one can lose a person just like a thing, like a set of keys or one of your socks. Just like that. One second they’re there, and the next they’re gone.”


Kimi was just a baby when his mother left, vanishing into her native land of China. Now, on the cusp of his thirtieth birthday, Kimi is a top broker in the fund industry in Helsinki. But his mother’s enigmatic disappearance won’t let him go. And so he accepts his father’s birthday present: a round-trip ticket to Shanghai.

When Xiaolong arrived in Finland in the 1980s as a young woman, she had chosen her new homeland in order to offer security for her unborn child. But building happiness on sensible decisions proved to be less straightforward than she had imagined. How do you live on in a foreign country when you’ve deceived not only those close to you, but also yourself?

The novel takes readers on a journey through Finland and China, two very different countries that both carry a silence of their own – and through the lives of ordinary Chinese people, and the devastating events of the 20th century. Romantic dreams shatter under tragic conditions, collapsing under the weight of raw survival instinct and the power of money.


Press Quotes

A leap into an international setting… Pasi Pekkola’s second book pulls itself right up into the ranks of the worldclass novel… The novel relies heavily on epic ingredients and memorable scenes: the rusticity of Chinese villages, the neon-light bustle of Shanghai and the flat greyness of Finland. – Etelä-Suomen Sanomat

The Colours of the Dragon conjures up a brutal, poetic and profoundly human web of people caught in the clutches of their circumstances… We’ll be just fine as long as gifted new lodestars like Pasi Pekkola emerge to light up in our literary firmament. – The Blog Kirjasta Kirjaan


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An excerpt in English will be available.