10 / 2014
128 x 185 mm
Children's Fiction 12-15
Young adult
Published by:
Anu Ojala

The Bomb


A timely eco-thriller delves into animal factory farming

Mia is proud of her “Animals and Us” blog in the high school’s online newspaper. It’s true that one troll is continually questioning her knowledge of animals and claiming that her little dog is sick from inbreeding.

Mia wants to be a good journalist, and she resolves to find out. From her own dog she moves on to explore conditions at farms, production facilities and slaughterhouses.

Mia cannot believe what she reads and sees. ”If people only knew!” But people don’t want to know, they don’t care, and Mia’s frustration and despair only grow. In order to stop the animals’ suffering, someone has to dare to do something concrete. Something that will wake up people for good.