09 / 2016
Approx. 350
140 x 202 mm
General Fiction
Published by:
Riikka Pulkkinen

The Best of All Possible Worlds
(Paras mahdollinen maailma)

“In the evening the Berlin sky already had the deep hues and heavy feel of the approaching autumn. I did not recognize my good fortune, I was now thirsting, now bored, I was a little homesick. I was a fool. Everything of value was mine at that time, still mine for a moment longer.”

The tragedy that took place in Berlin tears apart a family: a mother who has made a horrible mistake, a father who cannot find a way out of his sorrow, and a daughter who misremembers.

Theatre School graduate Aurelia is the same age as free Europe: she was born on the same day the Berlin Wall fell. Now Aurelia is on the threshold of her breakthrough: a cult director has cast her in the main role in his upcoming production.

Meanwhile Aurelia’s father is in the hospital, mute. Aurelia refuses to answer the repeated phone calls from her mother. What did her father reveal before his seizure? And who is this figure that seems to be walking constantly at Aurelia’s heel, transforming her reality and knowing everything that she doesn’t?

In her turn, Aurelia’s mother unravels the touching love story between her and Aurelia’s father, as well as the tragedy that befell the family over 20 years ago. The tragedy that changed them all.

Riikka Pulkkinen’s new novel is a beautifully strong, haunting tale about family, the essence of love, and the weight of deep loss.

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