09 / 2014
140 x 202 mm
General Fiction
Published by:
Antti Tuuri

The Alchemists II. Heavenly Nuptials
(Alkemistit II. Taivaalliset häät)

The colourful story of the Finnish men who tried to create gold in the 1700s continues

August Nordenskjöld has run into bankruptcy in Uusikaupunki, gone to Stockholm and left his assistant Bergklint to suffer the jibes of the creditors. Soon heartening news comes from Sweden: King Gustav III has agreed to fund a new attempt to make gold.

The men must use pseudonyms and move about in disguise, for the work must be kept secret. Soon the making of gold is left for Bergklint to worry about, when Nordenskjöld leaves for London to help plan the New Jerusalem Society. Gold does not emerge, and Bergklint stops his work in the laboratory to concentrate on the Heavenly Nuptials.

The true purpose of alchemy also begins to become apparent.