09 / 2014
140 x 202 mm
Young adult
Published by:
Siri Kolu

Strangers Outside
(Ihmisen puolella)

Pilvi is desperately in love with Largo, but are they on the same side? What happens when a minority rises in revolt to demand its rights? Do you have to move from fear to rage in order to obtain justice?

Pilvi, infected with the T flu, sets out to collect information with which to determine the future of the cave community she considers her family and the other T flu caves. The strategic data she gathers on her reconnaissance trips sets off an avalanche of events. The caves plan a revolt and Pilvi has to make painful moral choices.

When Pilvi sees Largo in town, the world falls apart. The man she loves does not look at all as if he belongs to the T people. Should Pilvi agree to the civil war without knowing whether they are even on the same side? A showdown between the lovers is inescapable.


Press Quotes

Serves as an excellent spark for discussing the world situation. – Helsingin Sanomat wrote of The Terror Inside