02 / 2017
210 x 210 mm
Illustrated by:
Salla Savolainen
4-colour illustrations
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Reetta Niemelä

Siira´s Circus Tour
(Siiran sirkusmatka)

Poetic and beautifully illustrated fairy tale starring a sensitive bug named Siira, who only wants to see the circus.

The Circus of the Blue Fly arrives in the Bug Forest for one night only. All the bugs want to see it – even the busy ants take a day off. But when Siira finally gets to the circus, gone are the tent, flying stars, gold glitter and applause. Somewhere in the dark of the woods, gleams a warm light that changes the grief-stricken Siira’s life irrevocably.

This new picture book introduces familiar characters from The Blue Circus (2010) in dreamy, woodcut-style illustrations, with a poetic narrative and themes of curiosity and courage.