08 / 2013
140 x 202 mm
Children's books & YA
Scifi & Fantasy
Young adult
Published by:
Essi Tammimaa

Shaman´s Daughter
(Noaidin tytär)


Quiet Aura, who dreams of a different, more exciting life, spends a lot of time writing – and has ominous, menacing visions of wolves and of female figures hunting her.

Compelled by her visions, Aura begins writing stories about the warrior women of the Sami, the indigenous people of Lapland. With two of her friends, Aura sneaks off to see her favourite band, World’s End, and meets the band’s singer, the lovely and enigmatic Willow. Aura comes to learn that Willow, who is Sami, is somehow related to her visions, to the Sami she-warriors who threaten her. Aura’s childhood friend Marcus tries to stop her from getting to know Willow any better, but Aura finds herself growing increasingly entangled in the mystical, magical world of the Sami women warriors, in part through the story of her mother, who disappeared years ago.

Join Aura on her saga of adventure. Shaman’s Daughter, the first instalment in YA trilogy was released in Finland in autumn 2013. Sami influences form the basis for the story’s mysteries, and Tammimaa is skilled at building captivating, sinister ambiance.


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