06 / 2016
140 x 202 mm
Children's books & YA
Young adult
Published by:
Essi Tammimaa

Shaman’s Daughter – The Flood
(Noaidin tytär - Tulva)

The love of Aura’s life, rock star Paju, is on an European tour with his band. Other than that, everything is the same as always, until the nightmares begin.

Kellokoski is threatened by a flood, and Aura can’t shake a chilling vision of the dead rising from the river. Meanwhile, journalists take an interest in Aura and Paju’s relationship. One of the journalists begins to harrass Aura, and the headlines jeopardise not only the budding romance but the secret of the female warriors.

Aura’s journey to Lapland reveals that the Kellokoski flood is connected to a major disaster in Lapland, the Suvilaakso catastrophy, and the dead female warriors are behind all of it. The dead rise from the cold waters. They want their land back from destruction.