02 / 2015
128 x 185 mm
General Fiction
Published by:
Petri Tamminen

Sea Novel

Delightfully high-spirited novella about a captain who manages to sink one ship after another while sailing the high seas

The village masters have grand designs for Vilhelm Huurna. The young captain would do well to sail the seas to gather wealth. Huurna wants to live up to the expectations, but he was not born under the auspices of Fate. The hard-luck captain manages to sink one ship after another.

Keep your chin up and the mainsail raised! Reality repeatedly hits Huurna right in the face. But much like the protagonist of a silent film, he always picks himself up to face new adversities.

Petri Tamminen’s melancholy humour is fresh like a sea breeze in the rigging. The tragicomic tale of our calamitous captain’s aquatic adventures becomes an allegory to almost everything.

“The entire Arctic Ocean resembled something way too big in a way, and the iceberg especially so, a menacing shape he could not shake out of his mind. The barrel and the horse felt an appropriate size to look at, of smaller objects possibly cereal grains and those individual arms of snowflakes he could now see on the dark fabric of his coat.”


Press Quotes

Deviating from the standard menu dished up by male authors, Sea Novel serves up a solid portion of solace, seasoned with just the right amount of humour and beauty. Much like in the films of the loveable bowler-hat wearing tramp called Charlie. – Keskisuomalainen

Tamminen has the ability to understand small and quiet moments – Turun Sanomat


Foreign Rights Information

An excerpt in English will be available.

Rights sold:

  • Mare Verlag (Germany)