10 / 2016
120 x 190 mm
Children's books & YA
Young adult
Published by:
Aleksi Delikouras

Pro Gamer
(Nörtti 4)

DragonSlayer666 goes to high school, aims to be a professional gamer and makes it to an international competition

In high school DragonSlayer666 misses middle school, the bullies and a time when no-one would put their hand up in class. Drago also misses MegaMan, Pinocchio and the other assholes.

At school, Hege91 flirts with arrogant Daisuke. Daisuke, also known as Daismaster69, is one of Finland’s top CS-gamers and the captain of an internationally succesful team. Is Hege91 after a place on the team? Drago also aims for professional gaming. Will Daisuke’s invitation to the team open Drago’s door to success? What will happen on the game trip to Germany?