01 / 1994
230 x 290 mm
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Mauri Kunnas

Pirates Ahoy!
(Apua, merirosvoja!)


Jibbooms and bobstays! By my Granny’s eye-patch! Step aboard with Mauri Kunnas and his pirate gang for a hair-rising voyage – and a lot of laughs along the way!

“Eighty paces north-west from Kidney Stone, then 137 paces north-east, and from there 173 paces straight towards Ant Hill…”. There’s no room for sloppiness in the treasure-hunting business; not if you want to get rich, that is! Mind you, it IS worth checking beforehand that your pace is the same length as the chap’s who made the map…

The swords clatter, the pistols and cannons fire, and the swash buckles when the most fearsome buccaneer on the Spanish Main Captain Graham Cracker, that portly and well-dressed Pirate Princess Priscilla, and other scourges of the sea-lanes hoist the Jolly Roger. One pirate crew after another tried its luck, but who would have thought it would be Pip Squeak, the cabin boy, who finally snagged the treasure of Bonehead Island?


Foreign rights information

Published in:

  • Chinese (Beijing Yuanliu Classic Culture)
  • Danish (Lamberth)
  • Polish (Media Rodzina)
  • Swedish (Rabén & Sjögren)

Rights sold:

  • Brazil (Hedra)
  • The Czech Republic (Grada Publishing)

An English sample translation is available.