09 / 2004
230 x 290 mm
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Mauri Kunnas

Pawchester Tales: Seven Aunts and a Hidden Treasure
(Tassulan tarinoita: Seitsemän tätiä ja aarre)


Pawchester is celebrating the 100th birthday of Mr. Clutterbuck’s greatgrandmother!

Cicely Clutterbuck’s 100th birthday is a cause for celebration, and it brings to town Mr. Clutterbuck’s seven aunts – Millie, Margie, Maisie, Rosie, Josie, Steffie, and Effie. One of the congratulatory telegrams gets the grown-ups remembering the past, but the younger family members are impatient to get back to playing their pirate games. “Oh, but WE played pirates here, too, when we were young, didn’t we, girls?” exclaims Aunt Effie. The story she tells about a long-lost treasure chest is so exciting that the children cannot believe their ears. “We have to search for the chest, and discover whatever might be in it”, they decide.

The very next night, Mr. Clutterbuck has company on his nocturnal walkabout, and by morning everyone is in for a huge surprise.

This is the third volume in Mauri Kunnas’s new series of Pawchester Tales books, following on from the 2003 successes Elusive Elvis and Lucky’s Best-Ever Xmas Present.


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Published in China (Beijing Yuanliu Classic Culture, 2012).