01 / 2003
230 x 290 mm
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Mauri Kunnas

Pawchester Tales: Lucky’s Best-Ever Xmas Present
(Tassulan tarinoita: Onnin paras joululahja)


In the second volume in a new series of Mauri Kunnas. Pawchester is preparing for Christmas. How does one delight a little boy who already has everything?

Little Lucky is a boy with everything. He is the apple of his father’s eye, and his room is stuffed to the ceiling with toys, games, and gadgets. Lucky’s dad thinks it is a matter of honour that his son should not want for anything. If Lucky wants something, he gets it.

For all that, Lucky is not a particularly happy child. In fact nobody can remember ever seeing a smile light up his face.

Christmas is fast approaching, and Lucky’s father has been preparing for the big day since August, buying his son a vast array of ever more astonishing gifts. “This will certainly make Lucky a happy chap”, thinks Dad as he buys the latest mobile phone, which can be used as a camera, a TV remote control device, a pocket flashlight, an iron, and even as a can opener.

When Christmas comes there is a smile on Lucky’s face alright, but it is for quite a different reason than his father imagines…


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Published in:

  • Danish (Lamberths, 2013)
  • Estonian (Sinisukk, 2015)
  • German (Oetinger, 2006)
  • Hungarian (Cartaphilus, 2008)
  • Italian (Il gioco di leggere Edizioni, 2009)
  • Japanese (Nekono-kotoba-sha, 2008)