08 / 2010
Approx. 30
230 x 290 mm
4-colour illustrations
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Mauri Kunnas

Pawchester Tales: Hurricane Harry and the Genie in the Bottle
(Tassulan tarinoita: Hurja-Harri ja Pullon henki)


A rib-tickling joyride in the assured Mauri Kunnas style!

The roar of engines, the bright lights of the amusement park, and a Phantom Cabaret! Packed with high speed and high jinks, Mauri Kunnas’s new offering is ideal for little petrol-heads.

The travelling carnival has come to Pawchester, and all the youngsters are flocking to see the world-famous motorcycle daredevil, Hurricane Harry. Old Man Dracula, on the other hand, just wants to get his hands on Spiritus Butelli Babylonicus, the powerful but timid genie-in-the-bottle on display at the Phantom Cabaret.

When Hurricane Harry’s rubber-burning manoeuvre kicks up a hail of gravel and smashes the bottle, the genie escapes and tries to hide – first in a ketchup bottle at the Hotdog Diner, then in Chrome-Dome’s shampoo bottle, and finally in little Rosie Bunch’s baby bottle – and the whole town is thrown into chaos.

That evening, hundreds of spotlights converge on Hurricane Harry as he attempts a trick that has never been done before: to jump over 78 cars. But just before the leap, Old Man Dracula’s lawn-mower roars up with a tank full of ultra-high-octane fuel and Mr. Clutterbuck hanging on behind – fast asleep, as usual…


Foreign rights information

Rights sold to Japan (Nekono-kotoba-sha).