01 / 2003
230 x 290 mm
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Mauri Kunnas

Pawchester Tales: Elusive Elvis
(Tassulan tarinoita: Ujo Elvis)


Welcome to Pawchester! Finland’s best-loved author of illustrated books for children introduces us to the folks in Mr Clutterbuck’s home town.

Pawchester is just like any other small town: you wouldn’t think anything very out of the ordinary goes on there. Then again, you’d be soooo wrong! In fact Pawchester is quite a jaw-dropper of a town, when you get to meet its funny characters and their almost human eccentricities. And Pawchester’s best-known resident, the sleepwalking Mr. Clutterbuck, well, he manages to get his hooves and horns tangled in the most incredible knots along the way.

In the first book of this new series, Pawchester is preparing for the traditional summer fair. The programme promises all sorts, from fire-eater displays to an exhibition of sunglasses. And at the closing party, everybody is looking forward to hearing Pawchester’s finest little rock band – Ince True and the Mentals. But where is the band going to find a lead singer?

Pumpman Paul gives a whisper that Pawchester’s shy postman knows everything there is to know about Elvis…

The Pawchester of these stories bears a distant resemblance to the Finnish town of Vammala, where author/illustrator Mauri Kunnas was born and grew up. The narrator in the series is a dog with just a hint of the features of the author himself.

These funny, touching, and even educational tales will win over children and adults alike, and the clear and detailed illustrations will once again captivate even the youngest reader.


Foreign rights information

  • Italian (Il gioco di leggere Edizioni, 2009)
  • Japan (Nekono-kotoba-sha, 2014)
  • China (Beijing Yuanliu Classic Culture, 2012)