07 / 2013
140 x 202 mm
Children's books & YA
Young adult
Published by:
Reeta Aarnio

Not Afraid
(Hän joka ei pelkää)


What happens when a stranger stumbles into a strictly monitored society?

Kirai is accused of causing his little sister’s accidental death. Rejected by his tribe, he is left to drift off in a dugout canoe. This renegade from the reservation is discovered by a family living in a society where everything is closely regulated, and his appearance turns their lives upside down.

Siblings Asisi and Rei live a strictly monitored existence. They are intrigued by Kirai and begin to ponder the sensibleness and boundaries of their lives. Who has the right to decide about other people’s futures? What happens to those who violate the norms?

An investigation of social consciousness, Not Afraid speaks to young people reflecting on questions of freedom and the state of the world. Aarnio has also written an acclaimed, prize-winning four-part series of fantasy novels.


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