09 / 2016
128 x 190 mm
Children's books & YA
Young adult
Published by:
Siri Kolu

No Way, Beatrix Spelling!
(No on se nyt kumma, Taika Taksinen)

Beatrix Spelling is everywhere again! The Witch Resistance—Rosa and Lars—put their skills to the test to stop the urban witches

Rosa and Lars made a deal with Beatrix Spelling, where she agreed to stop kidnapping children and behave appropriately in all other ways too. But then Beatrix puts a spell on Youtube and eager fans with her song Oh Electric and is aiming for the Parliament, no less. What on earth would happen if Beatrix and the other urban witches chanting their slogan Make Your Day Magic get into power? The fight against the urban witches gets even harder for Rosa and Lars. Luckily they have help in the form of Irish Wolf Hound Maybel and a large group of well-informed children.

Press quotes

Although Kolu’s novel is set in the world of magic and fantasy, it also depicts the reality of how loneliness, fear and bullying affect children. – Savon Sanomat