07 / 2014
120 x 190 mm
Children's Fiction 12-15
Young adult
Published by:
Aleksi Delikouras

New Game 3. Game Over
(Nörtti 3)

“Despite the fact this was recommended by a teacher, this is great stuff” – reader feeback for the previous New Game

DragonSlayer666 plays in the best Rune Clan in Finland, and beats Hege91 in a knife match a hundred times in a row. The skills won’t help when you’d need to apply to college, and his grades are barely enough for vocational school. Would Drago have capacity to be a youth worker? When Santeri in year 7 loses his Gameboy to the bullies, Drago creates a secret protection team. There are more than enough applicants, and the fistfights between the team members and the bullies intensify. Drago finds himself in the principal’s office again in no time.
Helsinki resident Aleksi Delikouras studies Film Directing at Aalto University. He’s known for his FatalNinja trilogy and numerous YouTube shorts. Dragon- Slayer66, who appears in the super-popular Nörtti videos, has already gotten over a million views, over 20,000 Facebook fans, and the numbers just keep on growing.


Press Quotes

New Game is such a good read you won’t be able to put it down. – Salon Seudun Sanomat