09 / 2016
140 x 202 mm
Crime and Thrillers
Published by:
Outi Pakkanen


This nightmarish November will never be forgotten.

Everything is fine in Violetta Lilja’s life: she has a prosperous job in an attorney’s office, her own home, friends. Her only grief is her daughter, whom she cannot get a hold of and who has lost custody of her child to her ex-husband.

Five-year-old Helmi, the apple of Violetta’s eye, seems to slowly fade away. Helmi’s new “mamma” is the perfect upper-class woman. Violetta is once again the prey of a crisis: grey, ageing faces stare at her from the mirror.

On a November day a series of events kicks off, sending all the people involved into near chaos. Not even Violetta is doing as fine as she wishes – and she fears the worst.

In the background, Anna Laine immortalizes the dismantling of the water tower and feels trapped in her own relationship.

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