10 / 2014
x mm
4-colour illustrations
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Ninka Reittu

Messi And The Mystery Cat. Heading For Adventure
(Messi ja Mysteeri. Käpälät kohti seikkailua)

The adventures of these likable cat friends offer thrills and excitement for small children.

Messi’s father has devised a marvellous invention. Thanks to his fishing contraption he can lounge on the bench by the stove instead of fishing! When the contraption mysteriously disappears, Messi resolves to find it.

The mysterious cat named Mystery appears and joins Messi on the search through the dark, snowy forest. There is no sign of the contra tion, but Messi, Mystery and a secret traveller hiding in Messi’s backpack encounter quite some adventures in the winter woods.

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Published in

  • Denmark (Turbine)
  • Korea (Seedbook Publishing)

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  • The Czech Republic (Host Publishing)