09 / 2015
210 x 255 mm
4-colour illustrations
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Ninka Reittu

Messi and the Mystery Cat. Cat race
(Messi ja mysteeri. Kattiralli)

When the Katsenbergs family speeds off to their summer holidays, quite a cat race is to be expected.

The summer holidays are here. Messi and the cat family pack the car and drive off on a holiday trip. To the delight of everyone, a hitch-hiker joins the group: it’s the Mystery Cat, Messi’s mysterious friend.

The cats come across all sorts of travellers on their trip: the fox family’s American classic car has skidded into a swamp, the farmer’s trailer has thrown a somersault, builders and their van are entirely lost and a hot air balloonist would like company on his adventures. Messi, the Mystery Cat and the others try to help as best they can. And when the cats themselves land in trouble with their car, help from their new friends is much needed.

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