04 / 2010
128 x 190 mm
Illustrated by:
Tuuli Juusela
B&W illustrations
Children's books & YA
Children's Fiction 9-12
Published by:
Siri Kolu

Me and the Robbersons
(Me Rosvolat)


This children’s novel contest winner is just as fresh and anarchic as the best children’s novels should be.

The bandit leader Wild Carl stole Maisie away on an impulse – normally when the Robbersons rob cars, they only steal candy and other things to eat, barbies and magazines. Maisie, who was on a trip to her grandma’s house, came along almost by accident, to keep the bandit family’s children Hele and Charlie company.

Maisie’s shock changes quickly to understanding. She thinks it’s fun going down the road at breakneck speed, stopping to swim whenever you want, stealing candy, running from the police – and from her father – playing Yahtzee, eating outdoors, and sleeping in a tent.

For the Robbersons, money is nothing but “mouse farts”. But during a summer party they accidentally reveal that they possess a considerable treasure, and they end up with the police and some other bandits hot on their trail. After all the chaotic revels, Hilda, the Robberson mother, starts to yearn for her own bed, Charlie the bookworm starts to miss school, and Hele, who keeps the stolen barbies tuned up, is planning yet another incarnation of villainy.

Me and the Robbersons ´rights have been sold to seventeen countries.


I was stolen on the second week in June. It was a good thing I was stolen. Summer was turning out to be a joke anyway. We were going to go on a cycling trip, but ended up staying home when it started to drizzle a tiny bit. We were going to go camping, but then somebody brought my dad some extra thing to do for work, so we ended up not going. It’s nice for the whole family to do something together, Dad would always say when he was planning something, but he never even asked us girls what we’d like to do. And his plans never came off. I never believed in any more summer promises because of all the times they were called off.


Press quotes

At the hub of everything there is speed, Carnivalism and anarchistic whimsy – Boredom is an unknown concept to this adventure story. – Kouvolan sanomat



  • 2010 Me and the Robbersons was awarded Finlandia Junior Prize
  • 2013 the second prize in Belgium by the Flemish Children´s and Juvenile Books Jury. In the Netherlands the book won the Silver Slate Pencil (Zilveren Griffel) which is the most important award a translated book can receive in The Netherlands
  • 2013 Laivakello Prize by the Finnish Institute for Children´s Literature


Foreign rights information

An excerpt in English is available.

Published in:

  • Denmark (ABC)
  • Estonia (Ajakirjade kirjastus)
  • France (Didier jeunesse / Hachette Book Group)
  • Germany (Heyne / Random House)
  • Hungary (Móra)
  • Italy (Feltrinelli)
  • Korea (Seoul Education)
  • The Netherlands (Gottmer)
  • Norway (Mangschou)
  • Russia (Samokat/MD Media)
  • Serbia (Kreativni centar)
  • Slovenia (Mladinska Knjiga)
  • Sweden (Bonnier Carlsen)

Rights sold to:

  • China (Liaoning)
  • Poland (Tatarak)
  • Spain (Nordica Libros)
  • Turkey (Aylak Adam Children’s Books)