08 / 2015
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General Fiction
Published by:
Riikka Ala-Harja

Lighter Flesh
(Kevyt liha)


Why are women still less visible than men?
Saara is the lighting designer for a large theater. Her place is at the back of the hall. Her job is to illuminate characters that don’t exist.

For the play called “God’s Lover”, Saara lugs a stack of books about Michelangelo’s David home from the library, because another man with the most perfect body in the world is going to be on stage and need lighting: a shepherd who conquered someone bigger than himself.
Saara is divorced. The only man who has slept in the same bed with her since the divorce is her seven-year-old son. Saara hunts for gray hairs on her head and punishes her body at the gym. As
she is leaving the gym, she bumps into a man she had dated 25 years earlier.

“A woman can swing a twenty kilo medicine ball and bench-press over 100 kilos, but a woman doesn’t choke another to death. Women aren’t encouraged to do that. And women don’t have time for it, anyway, because they need to make spaghetti for the kids and make sure they have gloves and warm underclothes and no lice. Women need to make sure the children get their vitamins and their sleep, and they need to wash the dishes so that the next day balanced meals can be eaten off those dishes. “


Press Quotes

Lighter Flesh demonstrates once again Ala-Harja’s fine, even refined, sense of humor that does not confront but lies quietly, ironic and sarcastic. – Turun Sanomat


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