01 / 2005
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Published by:
Juha Itkonen

Let The More Loving One Be Me
(Anna minun rakastaa enemmän)

“To be the one that means something, the one from the songs. I am the one of Summer Maple’s songs. I’m present in everything Summer Maple has ever done.”


A novel about loving music. A novel about love. A novel about music as an act of love.

Summer Maple is a world-famous rock star at 30. But at 17, she was a girl named Suvi living in suburban small-town Finland.

Now, on the heels of rumoured psychological instability, Summer Maple has disappeared during a trip to Africa.

Antti Salokoski is Suvi’s high school boyfriend, the founding member of her first band and – so he believes – “the One” of her songs. Leena Vaahtera is Suvi’s mother. They are forced to navigate loving her as she rises to stardom, and the scale of her life expands to improbable dimensions.

Let The More Loving One Be Me is a fiery love story and a novel about music. From the innocent days of hihg school bands to the slushy streets of Helsinki’s rock scene and the lofts and sound studios of Greenwich Village, it depicts the sweetness and bitterness and irrationality of longing, and the vital role role music plays in our life.

Let The More Loving One Be Me received the State Fiction Award and was shortlisted for the Runeberg Prize.


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Sweden (Albert Bonniers Förlag)