03 / 2016
128 x 185 mm
Children's books & YA
Young adult
Published by:
Anne-Maija Aalto

Into the Depths
(Syvään veteen)

A staggeringly beautiful, comforting first novel

15-year-old Taika’s mother dies in a car crash, and Taika has to begin a new life in unfamiliar surroundings. The reader lives through the sorrow with the main character, dives into the same depths; joins Taika as she toughens herself, creating a new self, clutching onto her nice teacher Antti with the same furious desperation; becomes equally as humiliated and eventually accepts her own vulnerability.

With a steady hand, Anne-Maija Aalto steers Taika as much as the reader. You feel cleansed when you finish the book.


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An excerpt in English is available