08 / 2016
210 x 255 mm
Illustrated by:
Elina Warsta
4-colour illustrations
Children's books & YA
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Veera Salmi

Heybuddy Nursery: Rebecca’s Crab Day
(Päiväkoti Heippakamu: Rebekan rapupäivä)

Mud cakes and granny naps! A picture book about the colourful everyday life at the nursery.

Rebecca falls victim to a foul mood first thing in the morning when she rushes to nursery with dad. And it won’t shake off, even if Clara the cleaner tries to suck it up with the hoover. Clicking scissor crabs, making mudcakes with friends and a granny nap in the middle of the day work to lift the bad mood. And luckily there’s always sleep buddy Cloud, whose silliness is guaranteed to make you laugh.