09 / 2015
128 x 190 mm
Children's books & YA
Children's Fiction 9-12
Published by:
Siri Kolu

Good Riddens, Beatrix Spelling!
(Tervemenoa, Taika Taksinen! )

The acclaimed wordsmith’s new series with a hint of magic!

Say it with me: Be gone, urban witch! Be gone! Be gone! You big-boobed fake grownup won’t get the better of me!

When Rose Crimson moves to the suburb of Circus Valley on her tenth birthday, she has no idea her neighbour is a witch—or that she is soon to become a formidable adversary. It’s not long before Rose learns that there is something suspicious about the local politician and business woman Beatrix Spelling. Not to mention that the red balloons of Spelling’s entertainment service are filled with a strange gas.

Urban witches are devious enemies, but Rose is not about to give up easily. Together with her IT enthusiast friend Lars, Rose decides to out the witch, and get to the bottom of what has happened to the missing children of Circus Valley.

Urban witch (witchus urbanus)

Main characteristic: Attempts to emulate the appearance of its fake

profession (e.g. teacher, TV presenter, librarian).

Distribution of Species: Unfortunately broad.

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