08 / 2016
128 x 185 mm
Children's books & YA
Children's Fiction 9-12
Published by:
Mari Kujanpää

Emma’s Secret Wish
(Emman salainen toive)

An optimistic story about a girl who has had a shaky start and begins a new life

I wish I could skate forever and ever, Emma thought. On the lake ice she was free, away from school, mum and everything else awkward. If only there was a way to bottle that feeling you get when you’re flying down the ice like the northerly wind, free from everything.

Emma has moved in with granma and grandad. She’s never met them before. The family next door seem perfect to her: a mother, father and two daughters. Emma wishes she had a family like that—anda mind as brave as those of the girls next door, clever violist Saima, and the fun and wild Fredrika, with whom Emma makes an ice hockey rink on the lake ice.