08 / 2016
230 x 290 mm
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Aino Havukainen – Sami Toivonen

Detectives Tatu and Patu: The case of the Mystifying Divider
(Tatu ja Patu etsivinä: Tapaus Puolittaja)

Master Detectives or Bungling Butterfingers?
What do you think?

Tatu and Patu’s wits are tested to the limits when the mysterious Divider strikes. Many blunders later, the mind-boggling truth is revealed: who, where and why?

When the mysterious Divider begins to torment the Kuurna family, Tatu and Patu become Detectives Tatu and Patu. The boys set up their office in the wendy house in the Kuurna family’s garden, and infiltrate the family’s daughter Aada’s birthday party, dressed in full disguise ready to chase after the clever Divider.

Who is the divider? Where is he hiding? And why is he dividing things in half? And so begins a chain of events Tatu and Pate will certainly not forget any time soon.