08 / 2015
128 x 190 mm
Illustrated by:
Tuuli Juusela
Children's books & YA
Children's Fiction 9-12
Published by:
Siri Kolu

Cooking with the Robbersons!
(Ränttätänttää, rosvoruokaa!)

Bon Appetit from the Robbersons’ kitchen!

The Robbersons – and author Siri Kolu – are marvellous cooks who prepare tasty dishes whatever the surroundings. The recipes from the robbers’ kitchen are relaxed and original, but always delicious.

Cooking with the Robbersons is a clever cookbook for children and adults alike who want to prepare straightforward unpretentious treats. The recipes include sweet treats (e.g. Dude’s Wallop), tantalising little treats (e.g. Hilda’s vegetable crisps) and main courses (e.g. Hearty Ray’s soy bolognaise and a bandit’s sausage stew).


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