09 / 2008
130 x 210 mm
General Fiction
Published by:
Juha Itkonen

Carefree Dreams
(Huolimattomia unelmia)


Powerful stories of the people of today – dreams of heroism, celebrity, parenthood, and relationships.

A father takes his son to his first hockey match, and in the process gets a black eye, then loses his car, and his supremacy as a hero. A middle-aged journalist’s meeting for an interview reaches life-changing levels of profundity when she diverges from questions she’s planned and dives into reality. A young father’s trip to Moomin World amusement park crystallizes for him how much his child has changed his parents’ relationship and how frightening the power of dreams can be.

The men and boys in these stories find themselves facing the truth about life laid bare, with all its mistakes and childishness. There are also women along – the ones the men are broken up about, the ones they need to have to hold things together. The stories paint a tried and true picture of our time – often dark, but still delicate and compassionate. In the end, love is the greatest thing of all.